Flooring Contractor Shares 3 Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Since it hit the market, bamboo has been one of the most popular eco-friendly flooring materials available. In recent years, many people have been ditching hardwood floors for this eco-friendly option. If you are contemplating using bamboo flooring materials, the flooring contractors at Eco-Pro Planet in Las Vegas, NV, can help you make a confident choice. Below, they outline three benefits of having bamboo flooring installed in your home.

3 Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

1. Ecologically Friendly

Bamboo is a natural grass that thrives in tropical climates but can be found all over the world. The reason why bamboo is considered ecologically friendly is that it grows at a rapid pace. While it takes most trees approximately 20 years to reach maturity, bamboo stalks are fully grown in three to five years. This makes harvesting and regrowing large amounts of it an easy process with no environmental impact.

2. Completely Natural

For those with severe allergies, bamboo is an especially good flooring choice. It is all natural and has no synthetic fibers. There is also no need to worry about allergens such as dust mites and pollen.

While bamboo is a natural product, you should still be careful to avoid flooring contractors that sell products with volatile organic compounds or VOCs, that can cause health problems. Luckily, all of Eco-Pro Planet’s products undergo strict VOC testing before they are sold.

3. Durable

Bamboo floors are also known for their strength and durability. Strand woven bamboo is tougher than most hardwood floors. Furthermore, Eco-Pro Planet’s flooring is two times the density of other hardwood floors due to the unique way it is manufactured. Customers with pets have nothing to worry about, as their flooring has a durable 10-coat scratch resistant finish.

For top-quality bamboo flooring, contact the flooring contractors at Eco-Pro Planet. From choosing the best materials for your home to installing them, they will guide you through every step. If you are currently searching for a flooring company you can count on, visit Eco-Pro Planet online, or make an appointment by calling (702) 534-1115 today.