Q: What temperature ranges can the composite decking adapt to?
A: Our decking can resist from 140°F to 0°F temperature

Q: Will the color of the decking change when it expose to sunlight too long?
A: As wood grains exposed to water and sunlight, the color will slightly change from lighter to a  little bit darker, but your deck will adjust to a steady natural color after 1 year.

Q: How long will you provide the Eco-Pro Planet Decking warranty for?
A: We provide 25 year warranty for all our composite decking products.

Q: Is it easy to install decking? Can I do it myself?
A: It is very easy and convenient to install decking yourself. We provide you installation instruction, please check out. If you encounter any difficulties with installing your decking, please give us a call, (702.534.1115) our team will guide you through.

Q: What are the Characteristics of composite decking?
A: Composite decking is made from 60% HDPE (Recycled plastic), 30% of recycled wood grains, 10% Adhesives, and it can be 100% recycled. It has high density, high strength, and low maintenance,and its service life is 10 times longer than regular wood decking. Composite decking is also waterproof, anti-moth, anti-fungus, and it has uv protection.  Eco-Pro Planet decking can be recycled for second processing as well.