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Learn What Makes Bamboo a Smart Flooring

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grew up to 3 feet within 24 hours. Bamboo has a much faster renewal rate than trees. When bamboo is growing, it will also generate 35% more oxygen than other trees. 

For the click lock, it only needs glue down, for the T&G lock system, it needs to be glue and nail down.

Eco Pro Planet bamboo flooring is sourced in southeast China. Bamboo can survive in different environment, but the best bamboo grows in fertile, slightly acidic, well drained but moist soil. We harvest the best quality bamboo, process and manufacture our bamboo products. 

Bamboo flooring is water repellant. Using daily household cleaning supplies, clean water and mild cleaner to mop your floor, we do not recommend using abrasive cleaner like bleach for cleaning

Yes, bamboo flooring needs pad.

Customer safety has always been Eco Pro Planet’s #1 priority. At Eco-Pro Planet, all our product are 100% formaldehyde free. It has been tested that our products are pet friendly and kids friendly. Clients’ safety is our biggest concern, when we manufacture, we ensure all our flooring achieve the best industry standard and environmental safety standard.

Yes, all our bamboo flooring is solid.It is made with strand bamboo, Not only is solid bamboo flooring more durable and eco-friendly, but it also gives you the luxury looks and sustainable feelings.

Yes. We sell all kinds of bamboo flooring accessories and stair parts including bamboo stair nose, bamboo reducers, bamboo t-molding, and bamboo baseboards as well as underlayment.

Yes, at Eco-Pro Planet, we incorporate our concept into bringing safe living environment to you family also your loved pets. 

Bamboo flooring is tough, but all hardwood flooring is pervious to dents, scratches, discoloration or other natural or man-made damage. Prevention is a big part of the care for bamboo floors.

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