Step into timeless elegance of hardwood flooring at Eco Pro Planet Las Vegas,
where beauty meets durability to transform your space.

Hardwood floors from Eco Pro Planet are not just a symbol of sophistication; they are a practical investment in your property. Renowned for their rich, inviting appearance, these floors offer the unique combination of easy maintenance and the potential to add significant value to your home upon resale. With advancements in manufacturing, today’s hardwood varieties are more diverse and captivating than ever. These improvements have not only enhanced the quality of finishes but also the construction techniques, ensuring that our hardwood floors meet the evolving demands of consumers with superior quality and style.

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AT Eco Pro Planet, we are committed to helping our customers understand the myriad features, advantages, and benefits of hardwood flooring. Each wood species has its own unique characteristics, with color influenced by the part of the tree from which it was sourced and grain patterns defined by the species and cut. Natural variations in color and grain are a hallmark of hardwood, adding to its character. It’s important to note that all hardwood floors undergo changes over time, including fading, darkening, or changing shades, especially with sunlight exposure. We recommend using window treatments and rotating rugs and furniture to allow your floors to age evenly.

Leeward Oak Hardwood

Ketch Hickory Hardwood

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