Our team

We are a small family-oriented company, everyone at Eco-Pro Planet speaks at least two languages

Wei Qiang


Co-founder Wei Qiang started working for her family construction company in her teenage years, moving on to starting her own business with Or Madar. For the last 10 years, Wei had worked in the home remodeling industry. Fun fact about Wei, she is a certified skydiver, an experienced skier and an off-road enthusiast.

Or Madar


Co-founder Or Madar. Or is an experienced general contractor in both residential and commercial areas. He always holds client satisfaction as his highest priority. Or had a huge impact in bringing Eco- Pro Planet to life with the concept of being Eco-friendly and sustainable while lowering our footprint on the earth.

He has been a vegan for over 5 years.



Todd Mitchell

Project Manager

With over 30 years of experience in various construction fields, Todd pays close attention to catching even the smallest details makes a significant difference when it comes to estimating and managing each project, to make sure everything is done perfectly and efficiently. Todd specializes in commercial epoxy and concrete. Aside from work, Todd enjoys playing softball and umpiring for little league baseball.


Dolores Gardener

Managing partner

Dolores is a Las Vegas native, she has been working in customer service and sales for 14 years.She will go above and beyond to find a perfect fit for your home when it comes to new flooring and remodeling. Has been working in the flooring industry for 5 years and is very knowledgeable. Her hobbies include going to concerts, and spending time at the lake.


Shoham Avdar

Project Assistant

Shoham is a team player, and he holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with owners, architects, and engineers, resulting in successful construction experiences. His communication and client service skills enhance Eco-Pro Planet’s process-driven management philosophy. Outside of work, Shoham enjoys cognac tasting.



Chief Canine Officer

Dory is the Chief Canine Officer at Eco-Pro Planet. In her role as Chief Canine Officer, she focuses on bringing more happiness to the office and to clients. When she’s not working, Dory enjoys swimming in the lake and watching Animal Planet.