Sustainable flooring

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Your home’s floor does not only affect the feel and design of the space- it can also have an impact on our environment. The decision to choose the material for your house’s flooring is quite difficult. It is something that you do not do regularly.

However, if you are thinking of sustainable flooring for an eco-friendly environment, going green is the best option. Home is where you spend quality time with your family. That is why you need to take all types of sustainable flooring into consideration before making the big step to go green.

The range of sustainable and recyclable flooring is huge. The options are growing every day. But there are few that have managed to stay in the trend.

If you’re thinking to go green with your flooring, here are a few options to consider:


Cork is relatively new in the world of flooring and yet, highly sustainable. It is usually seen on a wine bottle or office walls but it is great for flooring as well.

It is harvested from cork oak trees that are usually found in the Mediterranean forests. The trees are cut down to get the raw material, which is the bark of the cork oak tree. The trees then grow back after every 3 years, making it an ideal and sustainable option for flooring.

There are numerous advantages of cork flooring. To begin with, it is easy to maintain and has anti-microbial properties that keep the bacteria at bay. Other than that, it is a natural insect repellent.

Cork can be stained or painted in a variety of styles to fit any style. Cork flooring is said to last for 10 to 30 years.

Sustainable flooring
Sustainable flooring


Bamboo flooring has gained huge popularity in recent years. It is actually a grass that looks and feels like hardwood. It is easy to install and maintain.

Bamboo usually takes 3 to 5 years to grow back. That is why it is considered a renewable source. It is available in many hues and designs.

Reclaimed hardwood

If you are stuck on traditional hardwood vinyl flooring, it can still be a sustainable option, given you choose the second type of hardwood.

Reclaimed wood an ideally sustainable flooring option as it reuses existing woof from the trees that were cut down a long time ago.

Salvaged vinyl flooring looks beautiful in beach cottages or old homes.

Sustainable flooring

Strand woven Wood

Strand woven flooring is made from species of wood or tree barks that are often considered as trash. Many manufacturers use strand woven scraps to make wood planks for the floors.

The planks are made when the wood is pressed together using low-VOC glues. They are sustainable and available in different colors. The finished strand woven wood planks are unique than the raw material, itself.

Closing thoughts

Once you have chosen a sustainable flooring option for your eco-friendly home, make a smart choice with the paint as well. Before shopping for sustainable flooring, make sure to search about commercially available eco-friendly materials as there are many companies making an effort to reverse the harmful effect on the environment.

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